Web Page For Small Business

Web Page for Small Business, Required or Not?

If its any consolation, there are a lot of entrepreneurs right now who thinks that you don’t need a webpage for a small business.

There’s Facebook they say. There’s Twitter. There’s Instagram. There’s Leadpages. And so many other options for having a landing page.

But when it comes down to it, there’s nowhere you can point them where all you are is there. Where your people can get a feel of what is it you really do, and who you really are.

Because real talk, you can have a Facebook Page but your About Me Page is lost in the wall. Or Instagram with loads and loads of photos but nowhere to say sign me up to collect your leads.

We all know that social media is a thing. People congregate there.  Well, of course because it’s social. And really, Im not discounting the power of brand building in social media, but you have to understand that you dont own it.

Everyday there are changes in Facebook’s algorithm that shows less and less business to people’s wall.

If you’re halfway serious, you gotta have a web page for small business. That’s your home. That’s where people look you up when they’re checking if they wanna do business with you.

Imagine yourself checking a business, if you’re doing your own diligence, the first thing you do is check their website. That’s the same thing with your followers, and clients,  and tribe. They want to know the entire you instead of just bits and pieces all over the place.

So, if you own a small business, get right down to it. A web page for small business is a requirement to grow. There’s a lot of option, whether free or not, but decide to get a website. It shows a lot more more about your intention and professionalism.



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