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The Little Small Business Branding Checklist

Actionable Steps to Turn Your Branding into a Powerhouse

So you are a new business owner, or perhaps an blogger. This is a new-ish career for you and you’ve been at it for about a year or two.

Have you considered branding yourself and your business?

Have you asked yourself what really differentiates you from a horde of other entrepreneurs? So you have a Facebook Page, maybe even a logo. Are they consistent with your brand or do you find yourself just picking whatever graphics you have and sticking it in there just to have something to post.

I know this because I have done this a thousand times, perhaps more.

Good thing is that I can help you get started on your branding with a couple of free tools from the internet.


Branding is really all about consistency.

When you see the Coke logo, or Apple, or Starbucks, you are given an experience with the brand. Not only  does it identify the brand, but also evokes certain feelings and memories you have with this brand.

This is our project for today. It is simple, and doable, and can be done in an hour three hours.To identify your brand and to think about how colors, patterns, fonts and textures can impact how people feel about your service or your products.


Things to consider:

Think of it as a marriage. Like it or not, if you’re working with your brand, you’re going to see it everyday. So don’t just think about your clients, think about yourself and your personality. You really have to like it!

Simple but elegant. Whatever does that mean, you ask? Don’t clutter your brand with too much information. Don’t add your number, your website, your email address, and everything you can think of in this tiny space. This clutters the design and suffocates the most important message.

 Done right is done quick. Check with your brand and brokerage for specific guidelines and restrictions so you don’t have to redo things. You might be subject to separate and special marketing disclosures. Respect plagiarism and copyright laws. Check with your franchise about restrictions, and the correct use of colors. And don’t copy your competitors logo even just for “inspiration” for G’s Sake.

You will need:

A Laptop
Internet connection
3 hours

Apps to Learn:

Canva -Free
Picmonkey – Free
Eyedropper tool. -Free


Steps to (re)Branding

Your Business Branding Checklist

(I will assume that you are starting or restarting your real estate brand image).

  • Have a notebook ready for your reference files. Est. time: 15 minutes (Phil Standard Net Speed). If you’re not using it yet, try Evernote -and yes, please use my affiliate link (every little bit helps) ???? Sign up and create a Branding Notebook. You can optionally download it to your device.
  • Pick your colors. Est. time: 30 minutes (Phil Standard Net Speed). Set your timer and do not allow yourself to even extend up to an hour on this task. With so many options out there, you’ll find that it will suck your time if you don’t watch it. I have prepared a >>> Color Pinterest board <<<for your inspiration. (Aren’t I amazing?) Save the Hex Codes in your Evernote folder.

Cant identify the Hex Codes? Get this nifty Chrome Extension>>>Eyedropper Tool

  • Pick your fonts. Est. time: 30 minutes (Phil Standard Net Speed). Set your timer! Fonts are terribly important – you will use this font combination in your listings, your images, your website, your social media banners. So, again, choose the ones you like. Pick a combination of Script, Serif, and Sans Serif. Scripts are used minimally, Serif are usually for titles, and Sans Serif is usually for the body texts. Yes, we all love scripts and I use them for titles but overuse will render your copy unreadable especially in mobile phones. Did I mention I’m awesome? I have also prepared a >>> Font Board here <<<—. And once again – save this in your Evernote Notebook.
  • Pick textures, icons and shapes. Est. time 15 minutes. Remember our 2nd Too much will not help you. Keep it simple and elegant. It is so easy to get overboard with this but really, just a couple will do. Yep, there’s a board for that too. >>>>Texture Board<<<You know the drill. Save it to your Evernote notebook. (In fact, I will recommend that you save everything in your Evernote, I’ve been using it for almost 6 years and you won’t believe just how much information I can dig up in just a couple of minutes.)
  • Create a Logo with Picmonkey using saved hex codes, font combination, and textures from Evernote. Est. time 30 minutes. It is important to use Picmonkey so you have a blank background instead of a white one. Or use Photoshop and save it as a PNG. Whats important is to use your fonts and your colors in your logo. Im partial to a text logo, but do whatever you wish.
  • Put everything together by using a Canva. (Est. time 60 minutes) Canva works by providing you access to free and paid templates to design your chosen project. Dedicate a nominal amount of time to their tutorial series. Then grab your Evernote inspiration book and begin drafting out your new branding campaign. Assignment: Create a Mood Board. Remember (Your Textures, and Fonts, and Colors put together. Post it in the comment section for critique and feedback!)

Remember: The steps in this tutorial are designed to be done as quickly as possible. I know I’m being repetitive but do not agonize for two weeks about which color or which font to choose.  Choose from the first 10 that caught your eye and no more. Feel free to ask your colleague, friends and family to help you but no more than a day.

Moving Forward

Design takes time. Branding takes time. Normally it will take several drafts to end up with a polished product. The good news is that once you have a finished inspiration notebook to work with, creating other materials that match it will feel more natural.  The process of creating the inspiration notebook makes you more aware of your brand and becomes an integral part of your design process.

PS: I have a Facebook Group that you might want to join. If you like this post but is having trouble with visualizing and if you are more video centric, this is where Ill upload quick tutorial videos in the future:

Quickstartnation Group

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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