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How to Add The Right People in Linkedin

For most of us, Linkedin is like an exercise machine, we have it just in case we’ll need it later. You have your account, it has your profile photo on it. Perhaps a record of your past jobs.

But it’s been months since you last logged in. And you get occasional email about people adding you in their network.

But this is not a discussion on why you should log in. Nor will I try to convince you to use it more regularly. But I’m here to tell you, that using Linkedin to get your products and services to the RIGHT people is so effective that I wonder why people are not getting crazy over it.

I get a lot of inquiries in Linkedin and mostly because I make sure that I have the right people there -the ones that needs me, my services and my products. I used to add people indiscriminately -just to the sake of getting thru the 500 people barrier. But now I’m more choosy.

So this is what you do. First, make sure that you’re logged in to your account. And hey, before you do anything else, add me  and tell me where you found me!

Anyway, so for example you’re a real estate marketer selling a condo in Makati. What do you do? I see so many people adding other real estate marketers and goodness, I even receive an offer about a property myself. So why exactly would you offer a property to someone in the same industry? Add people who work in Makati, add people who might possibly afford a place in Makati. Right?

So here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to People Search. <<<Click the link!
  2. Change the information on the input boxes according to your needs. You can change the Location, Company, Schools and even choose a combination. 
  3. Now craft a warm and amazing introductory message.
  4. Add at least a hundred a day. Yes, I said a hundred!  Okay fine, per week if you want.
Getting the right people is important in building your business. Don’t bother people who are not the right target market, and goodness gracious, please don’t bother your friends in Facebook! And you’ll see a whole lot of difference in the reactions and inquiries to your products and services.

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