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Earn from Your Website and Facebook thru Instant Articles

We have been waiting for this. On the heels of releasing Instant Articles almost a year ago that allows readers to access articles quickly and easily within the Facebook “explorer”, Facebook has now released an option to monetize articles.

If you’ve ever used Facebook Mobile, you might have noticed those links with a Flash sign -those are Instant Articles that load quickly. Now, I don’t even click a link if there’s no flash sign.

This is great news for bloggers, article creators, and news reporters who up to now is relying on Google Adsense for serving advertisements. Now we have an option to earn from Facebook who, according to it’s recent press release is now 2 Billion members strong!

After a couple of missteps, and a lot of procrastination, I have tried this myself and here is the step by step creation of the Instant Article App. There is not a lot of write ups online and the Facebook Help Page itself is enough to make anyone’s head swim. (Too many text hahahaha).

(As of writing, I have not been approved yet, so this will be a work in progress.)

  1. Sign up: https://www.facebook.com/instant_articles/signup. Choose your existing page. (You do have an existing Facebook Page, right?)

2. Go to Configuration. There will be a step by step instruction to follow.

3. First thing to do is to connect your website. You will be given a code and an ID.

4. Open a new SEPARATE! page. Go to your website dashboard and install Insert Headers and Footers Plugin. Under Settings, find the plugin settings and paste the meta property code in the header section.

5. Go back to Plugins and install Instant Articles for WP created by Facebook, Automattic, and Dekode. Activate.

6. Go to Instant Articles.

7. Get your ID from Step #3. (I told you not to close it!) Paste it in the box and hit save.

(You’re lost? The ID setting is on your FB Page Publishing Tools, under the Instant Articles section.)

8. Now go back to the Facebook Page setting and click Production RSS Feed. Paste your site feed which can be found here: www.yourwebsite.com/instant-articles. Save.

9. Now this is the exciting part! Monetize your Instant Articles. Click Audience Network and check the get started box.

10. You will end up in a new page that will tell you that you’re ineligible for payment. Don’t worry we’ll get right to it on a minute!

11. Click Payout and set it up. (If you’re lost again, go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and select your Instant Articles app.)

12. Create Ad Placements using Banner and get Placement ID.

13. Go back to Instant Article Plugin in WordPress and add your placement ID.


12. Now let’s get back to your Facebook Page Instant Articles settings. Go to Styles. Click default and set up your logo. I didn’t originally do this and I got into so much trouble and errors. I dint do anything else there except add the logo. If you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and personalize it!

13. Hit Save and Close.

14. After I hit save, I came back to this to find that Facebook already have a feedback on my submission. You might have other errors, so just take care of it before resubmitting.


Approved after 3 days!


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